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Food Science and Technology
References - 2017 
This list of references is not intended to be inclusive. Other sources may be utilized and teachers are
encouraged to make use of the very best instructional materials available. The following list contains
references that may prove helpful during event preparation.

Test and teacher’s resource binder - Product Development
1. A Food Labeling Guide, 2008, Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and
Applied Nutrition,
Section III. General Food Labeling Requirements - Focus on different parts of label, location of
each part, and elements required on each part. Exact dimensions, type size, etc. are not important.

1. Introduction to Food Science, 2001, Parker, Delmar Learning

2. Food Science and Safety, 2nd ed., 2004, George J. Seperich, Prentice Hall Publishers.

 3. Principles of Food Sanitation, 5th ed., 2006, Norman G. Marriott and Robert B. Gravani,
Springer Science + Business Media, Inc.

4. Institute of Food Technologists website,

5. USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service website,

 6. Penn State Cooperative Extension Food Safety website,
Check out sections for Processors, Entrepreneurs, and Educators.

7. Principles of Food Science, Janet Ward, 2007, The Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc. (lab
workbook available)

8. Food Science: The Biochemistry of Food and Nutrition, 5th ed., 2006, Kay Mehas and
Sharon Rodgers, McGraw-Hill/Glencoe.

9. Understanding Food Science and Technology, Peter Murano, 2003, Wadsworth, Cengage

Teacher Reference
1. Elementary Food Science, 4th ed., 1996. Ernest Vieira, Chapman & Hall. (Good reference for
information on different processing operations.)


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